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Young people within political protest
Übersicht von Fotos und Informationen für das Forschungsvorhaben zu Jugend im politischen Protest

Project duration 2023-2024

Young people within political protest

Research project

This research and education project is dedicated to young protesters involved in the people's uprising of 1953 in the GDR.  Their biographies will highlight the causes, processes and consequences of their participation in the uprising, convey the complexity of the protest events and scrutinise narratives and historical images of the 1953 uprising.

The aim of the project is to draw the attention of young people to political mass protests against authoritarian rule and to promote their understanding of the uprising against oppression and in favour of freedom.

Project goal

To this end, modular teaching material is being developed to prepare biographies using written and visual sources. In this way, pupils learn why young people protested, what image the media conveyed of them, what forms of repression they were exposed to and what consequences their participation in the protest had.

The research findings are also presented in a study that uses group and individual biographies to embed the 1953 uprising and its pre- and post-history in the context of German-German social history.


Dr. Elke Stadelmann-Wenz

Dr. Elke Neumann

Research Assistant for the "17. Juni" (17th June) Project

Phone +49 30 98 60 82 502

Tom-Aaron Aschke

Scientific Volunteer

Phone +49 30 98 60 82 502

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