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The team
Das Team der Gedenkstätte, 2023

The team


Dr. Helge Heidemeyer


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Public Relations and Communication Department

Dr. Elise Catrain

Head of Division

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Education and Facilitation

Henry Wenzel

Head of Division

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Strategy and Contemporary Witness Archive

Dr. Stefan Donth

Head of Division; Deputy to the Director for Scientific Matters
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Research and Collection

Dr. Elke Stadelmann-Wenz

Head of Division

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André Kockisch

Head of Division; Deputy Management

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Visitor Services

External contact people

Fabian Tietz

Trusted counsel for the Berlin administration in the fight against corruption

Lawyer and notary
Specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law
Phone +49 30 31182-212
Fax +49 30 31182-234

What is a trusted counsel?
More information (PDF)