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Specialised library on the subject of political persecution in the GDR

The Foundation has a specialised library on the subject of political persecution within the Soviet Occupation Zone/GDR. The collection focusses on presentations and research in relation to the Hohenschönhausen prison, the history of political justice in the GDR, opposition and resistance in East Germany and the activities of the Ministry for State Security.

Particular importance is attached to biographical and autobiographical writings about and by former political prisoners. In addition, fundamental works on political persecution in other dictatorships, especially in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and under National Socialism, are collected. Finally, the collection includes general accounts of GDR history, fiction and reference works.

Conducting research on site

The library is a reference library and is open to interested individual visitors by appointment.


Would you like to visit our library?

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Simone Rösner

Library Administrator

Phone +49 30 98 60 82 452