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Dellmuth Rainer

Rainer Dellmuth


  • Dellmuth, Rainer: Ausflüge im "Grotewohl-Express", (1999)
  • Dellmuth, Rainer: Operativ-Vorgang "Lehrling": eine Jugend wird zerstört!, (1999)
  • Dellmuth, Rainer: Erinnerungen: "Reisen" mit dem "Grotewohl-Express", Verkehrsgeschichtliche Blätter, Heft 1/2006

Rainer Dellmuth was born in 1948 in Berlin. In 1967, he was arrested the first time. Accused of "attempted escape and subversive influencing," he was sentenced to one year in prison, which was to be followed by systematic occupational discrimination. In 1971, following another trial, Dellmuth was finally deported to West Germany.