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Wolfgang Rueddenklau

Wolfgang Rüddenklau


  • Rüddenklau, Wolfgang: "Nur krank darfst Du nicht werden!" Versuch einer Lokalisierung von Erinnerungen an alte Ostberliner Knäste, in: telegraph 11/12 1995, S. 16-33
  • Rüddenklau, Wolfgang: Störenfried. DDR-Opposition 1986-1989, Berlin 1992.

Wolfgang Rüddenklau was born in 1953 in Erfurt. The son of a priest, Rüddenklau has been one of the most important campaigners of the independent peace and environmental movements in East Germany, in which he has been involved since 1983.

In 1984, he was sentenced to one year in prison. Three years later, he was arrested and taken into custody in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen. Because of vehement protests in East as well as West Germany against his imprisonment, he was set free.