The Berlin Hohenschönhausen Memorial charter specifically entrusts the Memorial with the task of carrying out research on the history of the site. However, since the Memorial does not have the academic staff needed for major projects at its disposal, its work has to be primarily directed towards securing oral and written source material for later research. In accordance with this aim, the Memorial has established an Eyewitness Office and several archives and also supports smaller external research projects. Show more

In particular, the Memorial calls on a new generation of scholars to conduct more detailed research on the history of the Memorial site. We would like to call on students, graduates and a new generation of scholars to become involved in researching the history of political justice in the GDR. The Memorial is especially interested in encouraging and fostering research on the history of the Ministry of State Security (MfS) remand prison at Berlin-Hohenschönhausen. For this reason, the Memorial is willing to provide its expertise in supporting research work on the prison site by young academics and scholars studying history, political sciences, museum sciences, law, journalism, psychology, sociology, and education, especially where the work undertaken is part of a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation.


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