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Peter Ruegg

Peter Rüegg


  • Rüegg, Peter: Wenn Mielke unterschrieben hätte... (2005)

Peter Rüegg was born in 1933 in Berlin. He became involved in the Free German Youth (FDJ, Freie Deutsche Jugend) at a young age and joined the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED, Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands) at the age of 18. In 1953, he attended a military academy and became a lieutenant and deputy commander in the German Border Police.

Many officers, including Rüegg, criticised the harsh conditions in the armed forces. The Ministry of State Security (MfS) detained him due to his alleged instilment of  "hostile arguments" and "attempts to weaken the party and government." In August 1959, he was brought to the remand prison of Berlin-Hohenschönhausen. The Ministry of State Security (MfS) planned to sentence him to death in a show trial. However, Erich Mielke, head of the MfS at the time, did not sign the proposal. Still, as a result of being a "bad influence," Peter Rüegg was setenced to seven years' imprisonment.