For those interested in gaining deeper insight into the GDR, the Memorial offers seminars led by eyewitnesses. Following a guided tour through the memorial, the eyewitness engages in an extended discussion, in which he usually recounts his experience of living in the GDR, the reasons for his imprisonment, as well as what occurred following his release from the prison. There is an additional cost for attending these seminars.

Supplemental contextual information, which varies depending on the focus of the seminar and media or texts used, is then provided.

Please note: Due to the limited number of English speaking eyewitnesses, we have to verify if someone is available on your preferred date.

Duration: 3 hours


Regular admission for a 25-person group: 120 Euro
Reduced admission for a 25-person group: 90 Euro
School admission for a 25-person group: 50 Euro


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